Code of Conduct

Statement of Support from President and the Committee

To assist in meeting our mission of improving the well-being of the haemophilia community through mutual support, networking, advocacy and striving for optimal health care, the HFACT Committee decided that we would develop and operate under our own Code of Conduct.

A Code of Conduct is important tool for the Committee; it can positively shape the culture of HFACT; it sets out the standards of behaviour expected of the committee members and employee(s); it should help solve ethical dilemmas we face and sets standards aimed at preserving the integrity and reputation of HFACT.

Our image of HFACT is directly affected by our actions. The way to maintain the respect and confidence that HFACT deserves is to know what is expected and to accept responsibility for our own behaviour. All committee members and employee(s) are bound by the code.

HFACT Values & THE Tenets of the Code of Conduct

HFACT Values:

Tick   Honesty
Tick   Integrity
Tick   Professionalism
Tick   Respect

HFACT has five main tenets to our Code of Conduct:

Tick   We act honestly and with integrity.
Tick   We value and maintain our professionalism.
Tick   We act professionally at all times and strive hard to maintain a positive image of HFACT.
Tick   We respect privacy and do not misuse information.
Tick   We strive to be good citizens and achieve community respect.

The full text of the HFACT Code of Conduct is provided in the portable document format (PDF) below:

HFACT Code of Conduct [PDF, 388kB]