Rules of Association

The current Rules of Association, for HFACT (Haemophilia Foundation Australian Capital Territory) Incorporated is available using the link below:

HFACT Rules of Association - 2017  [PDF, 297kB]

The original Rules of Association date back to 1986. They were amended in 1993, when the organisation changed its name to the current form, and again in 2017 to amend the annual membership fees.

In 2017 HFACT was requested by the ACT government to review our Rules of Association to align them with the ACT’s model rules.

A completely rewritten Rules of Association based on modern standards and practice has been drafted and is due to be ratified at a meeting of HFACT members on 29th October 2019.  A copy of the rewritten document is available using the link below:

Proposed HFACT Rules of Association - 2019  [PDF, 334kB]

Date last reviewed: 29 Sep 2019