Bunnings BBQ Fundraising Results

Sunday, 7 May 2017

On Sunday 30th April HFACT held a fundraising BBQ at Bunnings Tuggeranong. The weather on the day was perfect, encouraging people to be out and about, doing things around the house before Canberra winter properly sets in. Of course, any jobs about the house seem to mean a trip to the hardware store or garden centre, so numbers were up and business was brisk. That, combined with a great turnout of our volunteer team, meant that the BBQ was a great success and HFACT raised almost $1,900 , after costs.

HFACT is very grateful for the support we received, once again, from Bunnings Warehouse without whom we would not be able conduct these fundraisers.  Thanks also to Woolworths Tuggeranong, who donated $50 worth of supplies to the BBQ.  HFACT also received donations in kind from several of our members which helped reduce our costs.

Naturally none of this would have been possible without the support of our team of volunteers - members of HFACT and also family and friends who offered support. Most were there on the day, while others worked behind the scenes.  Thanks to Don & Ella, Peter & Cathie, Barrie, Claude & Julia, Chris, Garry & Pamela, Jenny & Ron, Jennifer, Len & MaryLou, Rebecca & Jim, Mitesh, Michael, Lorraine, George,  Justin & Jacqueline, Stephen & Vera.  Special thanks to Rebecca for being the main organiser and also to Len, MaryLou and Jenny for most of the organising in the days leading up to the BBQ.

Mary-Lou, Rebecca, Michael, Jacqueline, Ella (obscured), Don and Pamela at the HFACT BBQ stall.

Some of the team took the opportunity to shop at Bunnings after doing their shifts.

One of our early customers was a woman with a long haired German Shepherd Dog, who purchased a sausage sandwich for herself and a naked snag (sans bread) for the dog.  Unfortunately the snag was too hot for the canine who dropped it and patiently waited until it cooled before devouring it and going into Bunnings with their owner.  Apparently a new rule that has dog owners very excited is that you can now take dogs into Bunnings - there were many dogs that walked in with owners.

Another pair of early customers were a couple that pulled up at the stall in their ute, bought a sausage sandwich each and then drove off. Not there to shop at Bunnings, just there to collect their Sunday breakfast!

Unlike a stall at Bunnings in Victoria, no orders were placed by drone. Perhaps the price point of $9002.50 for a sausage is too steep - http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/man-faces-9000-fine-for-using-a-drone-to-pick-up-a-bunnings-sausage-20161108-gsl3q2.html

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