Support Groups

In addition to providing support for all members at our local events, HFACT has two informal support groups – Men’s Business and Women’s Wisdom.

Men’s Business

Men’s Business brings together the menfolk among the members, families and friends of HFACT in a social setting, to build bonds and provide a welcoming environment in which experiences with haemophilia can be shared. It also provides an opportunity to simply enjoy each other's company.

Women’s Wisdom

Women's Wisdom

The Women’s Wisdom group is open to all women affected in some way by bleeding disorders, whether they have a bleeding disorder themselves or are carers or family.

Both groups meet on an occasional basis in a social setting, usually on a weekend.  Events are either advertised in our quarterly newsletter or via email from the respective group convenors.  If you wish to be added to the contact list for either group, contact the President or Treasurer.  Details are given on our contacts page.

Parent’s Network

In addition to these groups, occasionally HFACT organises events for children, mainly through informal contacts between parents.  If you wish to be included in events like this contact the committee or our counsellor, who can then put in you in touch with other parents. Wherever possible, events for kids will be advertised well in advance in our newsletter.