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HFACT Counselling Service


HFACT provides formal and informal support from our counsellor to members, their family and anyone affected by haemophilia, or other inherited bleeding disorders, within the ACT and region.

Please note: the counselling service restrictions that applied during COVID-19 lockdown have now been lifted. Our counsellor, Kathryn Body, can be contacted by phone on 0409 830 472 or via email to [email protected] . This service is free to people with a bleeding disorder and/or their families.

Areas addressed may include:

  • Emotional support regarding any personal issue, for example managing work life balance, relationship issues or anxiety.
  • Assistance with accessing health information, such as: courses to manage pain; advice on managing sleep; obtaining a community health referral to a physio/ dietician/ other allied health practitioner.
  • Support for self or family members during periods of illness, for e.g. hospital visits, assistance with IPTAS -The Interstate Patient Travel Assistance Scheme, and referral to the hospital play therapist and haemophilia nurse.
  • Confidential self-referral can be made by contacting our counsellor directly using the details below.
  • Alternatively, contact the staff at the Canberra Hospital Haemophilia Treatment Centre who can arrange to get our counsellor to contact you.
  • This service is free to members and their families and to members of the community affected by inherited bleeding disorders.
  • Counselling is available at the hospital or in other locations such as home, work or school (where appropriate).

Kathryn, our counsellor can meet you by prior arrangement as an in-patient at TCH, or at The Haemophilia Treatment Centre, Room 401, Level 4, Canberra Region Cancer Centre, Building 19, at the Canberra Hospital.

Any member of the bleeding disorders community can of course continue to contact Kathryn directly for an appointment at a convenient time at a mutually agreed location e.g. in your workplace, in your home or a local coffee shop. Kathryn works part-time Monday to Friday and is happy to work flexibly to make appointments that fit in with you and/or your family commitments.

You can contact our counsellor in the following ways:

Counsellor Ms Kathryn Body

T  0409 830 472
E  counsellor@hfact.org.au

Haemophilia Treatment Centre
Preferably contact Kathryn directly using the details above. If you are unable to contact her, please contact the HTC.

T  0481 013 323
E  haemophilia@act.gov.au

Date last reviewed: 12 April 2023