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HFACT Turns 40!

4 May 2024
- 4 May 2024

HFACT turns 40 in 2024! Save the date 4th May.

We started as an informal self help and support group in 1984. In 1986 later we officially became the Haemophilia Support Group of the ACT, an incorporated body with an elected committee.

In June of 1993, we changed our (registered) name to Haemophilia Foundation Australian Capital Territory Incorporated (abbreviated: HFACT) and took up formal membership of Haemophilia Foundation Australia.

So on 4th May, HFACT will hold an event to celebrate 40 years of supporting the haemophilia and bleeding disorders community in the Canberra region.

The event is still being planned as this stage, so save the date in your diary. Check back here or keep an eye on our newsletter.

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