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Who We Are & What We Do


Haemophilia Foundation Australian Capital Territory Incorporated (HFACT) is a non-profit organisation representing people, and their families, affected by haemophilia, von Willebrand’s disorder and other rare bleeding disorders. HFACT operates in the ACT and the surrounding region of Southern New South Wales.

HFACT is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), Charity ABN 39089502414 .

  • HFACT is permitted to use the ACNC Registered Charity symbol, or “Charity Tick”, that you see in the footer of every page on our website.
  • HFACT is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient (DGR) by the Australian Taxation Office i.e. donations to HFACT of $2 or more are tax deductible.
  • HFACT was previously a licenced charity under the ACT Charitable Collections Act 2003, charitable collection licence L19000850. That lapsed when HFACT became a registered charity with the ACNC, above.

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Our History

A Support Group

HFACT started as a small support group in late 1983.  At that time, about six families got together to share their experiences and thought it would be a good idea to continue to meet on a regular basis and to support each other.

After a few years it was decided to set up a more formal structure for the group, so a constitution was drawn up and steps were taken to become incorporated.

Registration as the Haemophilia Support Group of the ACT Incorporated, was granted on 31 October 1986. Recognition as a tax-deductible charitable organisation followed soon thereafter.

The group continued to operate at a low-key level for a number of years, providing some social and educational gatherings each year.

Following the discovery of viral contamination of blood products the group sought, and received, funding from the Federal and ACT Governments to enable it to support its members through those difficult times.

A Foundation

In June of 1993, we changed our (registered) name to Haemophilia Foundation Australian Capital Territory Incorporated (abbreviated: HFACT) and took up formal membership of Haemophilia Foundation Australia. Since that time, HFACT has continued, not only to provide support to its members but also to lobby governments and hospitals for continuing improvement in products, services and haemophilia care.

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What We Do

The five main areas in which HFACT operates are:


Bringing haemophilia issues to the attention of governments, health-care professionals and the broader community, through education, advocacy and constructive representation.

Support & Services

Striving for ready access to optimal health care for all persons with haemophilia, and related bleeding disorders, and paying due attention to any issues that may arise.

HFACT provides a range of opportunities for members to get together to share their experiences and learn about the latest developments in treatment and care.

HFACT provides members with the services of a counsellor who is available to attend to any problems or issues that may arise. This service is provided through a grant from ACT Health Directorate under a Service Funding Agreement.


Ongoing interaction with government, hospitals and other agencies


Maintenance of an enthusiastic membership through provision of educational and social activities and other opportunities to share experiences.


Activities of the foundation are managed in an open and effective manner by a voluntary management committee elected from members of the foundation.

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