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How changing treatments has changed Scott’s world

“I’m Scott. I’m 19 years old, and I have haemophilia A.”

In this video Scott shares with us how his life has changed with new haemophilia A treatments.

“I can go for runs, I can go for cycles, I don’t have to worry about getting a bleed every second day.”

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Having the extended half life factor available has just kind of made it easy to get through days. You don’t have to worry about checking yourself for next day or being careful because you are low on factor between days.

So, for instance, coming on this camp, instead of packing two or three vials, I just had to pack one, just in case of an emergency. It’s really just the length of time that is covered is so much easier. And it just makes it a much simpler task to get done beforehand. 

Before the extended half life factor I was probably looking at three or four times a week. Right now, it’s two times a week with the possibility to go to one time a week.

I feel like I’m capable of being more athletic on the extended half life factor. I can go for runs, I can go for cycles. I don’t have to worry about getting a bleed every second day. Having the ability to do those kinds of things is really liberating.

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