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Supporting the bleeding disorders community in the Canberra region.

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Tips to Alleviate Anxiety

Monique from Beautiful Minds, spoke with us at the HFA conference about anxiety, and how we can overcome it....

Men’s Health Week 2024

International Men’s Health Week runs each year in the middle of June. It is an important opportunity to highlight the...

ACT Counsellor

HFACT provides a free counselling service for people with bleeding disorders and their carers in the Canberra region.

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Getting Older Hub

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Youth – Factored In

Women with bleeding disorders

Find information for women and girls with bleeding disorders, including carrying the gene, haemophilia testing, VWD in females, self-advocacy and...
HFACT Turns 40!
Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month
This October help us raise awareness for haemophilia, von Willebrand disease and other bleeding disorders.
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Personal stories

Paul talks about his career

Paul shares his experience working as an apprentice shipwright and boat builder, a FIFO WHS manager, and today supporting his...
Jenny - acquired haemophilia

Acquired haemophilia – Jenny’s story

Jenny shares her story of how she discovered she had acquired haemophilia and how it was able to be successfully...
Claire speaking at the 21st Australian Conference on Haemophilia, VWD and Rare Bleeding Disorders

Hopes for the Future

Claire shared her personal story as a parent of young boys with haemophilia at the 21st Australian Conference on haemophilia,...
Girl playing in garden. Image by Emma Bauso for Pexels.

Growing up with Glanzmann thrombasthenia 

Elizabeth’s teenage daughter Grace has Glanzmann thrombasthenia. Elizabeth spoke with HFA about what it was like to find that your...
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